Fun Ways To Make Edible Orchids A Part Of Your Anniversary Celebration

Orchids have long been known to symbolize love and beauty. According to the Center for Research in Reproduction and Contraception at the University of Washington, orchids also symbolize virility. It was once thought that orchids were only for viewing, but there are edible varieties that can really liven up the celebration of your anniversary celebration.

Start With Breakfast in Bed 

The best way to get an orchid-themed anniversary celebration off to a good start is to serve your spouse breakfast in bed. The breakfast, of course, should include edible orchids. You may opt to put an edible orchid at the center of a waffle or in the middle of a fruit bowl. Also, bring an orchid or bouquet with an orchid as a centerpiece for the breakfast tray.

Give Your Spouse a Card With Pressed Orchids 

Although giving live orchids is a lovely idea to complement the anniversary celebration, also consider giving a card with pressed orchids. They are sure to stand the test of time and serve as a reminder of the delectable creations you made with the edible orchids. Put the orchids within a card. 

Then, in the card itself, write about why you choose to coordinate an orchid-themed anniversary celebration. Open up about how much your spouse means to you and how you feel about them. Talk about your anniversary and what you hope to convey with each taste and sight of orchids. 

Freeze Flowers in Ice Cubes

Here's a fun way to make any beverage more festive on your anniversary. Take the time to fill ice trays with water, then insert the orchids deep into the water. Put them in the freezer and wait for beautiful orchid-enhanced ice to form. Put them in water or any beverage to wow your spouse. 

Make an Orchid Tea to Share 

Talk about the use of orchids in the tea to create a drink that symbolizes the passion and love that you share. Whether you choose to make an iced tea to serve with dinner or a hot tea for savoring over dessert, the meaning of the drink is enjoyable. Be sure to infuse the tea with other flavors that your significant other enjoys to make an especially meaningful creation. 

Finally, orchids are truly a great flower for celebrating anniversaries. Edible orchids can easily be found for sale online, and they are inexpensive. This symbolic theme to your anniversary celebration takes thought and consideration, but it isn't expensive or extravagant. It's a reasonable way to create memories with your loved one and make it an anniversary that you'll both cherish for many years to come.

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