Ending Your Dinner Party with a Gelato

Soft and creamy scoops of Italian gelato that possess a distinct citrus flavor or one that is reminiscent of decadent chocolate will make a tasty treat that will cool you and your houseguests off on a hot summer evening. If you and your spouse will be hosting a barbecue that will be featuring Italian specialties, purchase some containers of gelato from a supplier and offer these as the main component of the dessert course.

Isn't Gelato Just LIke Ice Cream?

The taste of gelato is similar to ice cream, but the consistency of gelato is denser, due to less air being infiltrated into the product while it is frozen and gelato is often served at a slightly warmer temperature than a dessert that contains ice cream.

A gelato product that is served with fresh fruit or an array of candy toppings will add a unique spin to the standard banana split or sundae and will provide refreshment for each guest, without adding the shock factor that people sometimes experience when biting into ice cream that has hardened after being in a freezer for several hours. A distributor offers many varieties of gelato that are popular worldwide and that will aid in creating a dessert that is both attractive and delicious.

How Can You 'Wow' Your Guests?

Order gelato from a supplier and plan on picking up your purchases on the day before the barbecue party. A laidback event may encourage you to create a self serve gelato bar, which features everything from cones to dishes and a wide range of fruity or sweet toppings that your guests can use to embellish their desserts.

If you want to set up this type of dessert station, do not bring the gelato outdoors until after dinner has been served. All of the toppings can be prepared in advance. Slice fresh bananas, strawberries, cherries, limes, lemons, and peaches, then place the slices inside of a serving caddy that contains multiple storage reservoirs. Fill a basket with jarred sauces, fresh nuts, whipped cream, utensils, and any other items that you have chosen to add to the dessert bar.

For a classier dessert type, use glass bowls to serve your guests and line up the gelato containers along a table. Give your guests a list of the flavors that will be offered and use a scoop to retrieve the gelato types that each person requests. Use whipped cream or cherries to top each creation, before handing the dishes back to the guests. All of the extra gelato should be chilled soon afterward so that it can be enjoyed at a later date.

For more information about serving gelato for a huge dinner party, contact gelato distributors.