3 Tips For Buying And Enjoying Russian Osetra Caviar

Caviar is a type of fish roe that is harvested from certain types of fish. It is considered a delicacy in many cultures, and people across the world enjoy caviar on special occasions or as a daily treat. Russian Osetra caviar is an especially delicious variety of caviar that is harvested from sturgeons. Each sturgeon must be allowed to incubate its roe for up to five years before it is ready for harvest, which is why caviar is such a delicacy.

Fortunately, you can enjoy Russian Osetra caviar without traveling to get it. Online caviar shops make it easy to buy premium caviar for parties or your own personal use. Here are some tips that will help you purchase and enjoy Russian Osetra caviar online:

1. Realistically estimate how much caviar you can finish

Ordering caviar in bulk can be tempting, especially when you're already paying for shipping costs. However, you should keep the relatively short shelf-life of caviar in mind. Unopened containers of caviar should be finished within eight weeks, and once a container of caviar is opened, you'll need to finish it within five days. Taking a conservative estimate of the amount of caviar you'll be able to eat will help you avoid waste.

2. Make sure you're available to pick up your package of caviar

Online caviar retailers utilize dry ice to keep their products fresh en route to their destinations. Your Russian Osetra caviar will stay chilled and fresh while it makes its way to your door. However, dry ice has a limited shelf life. Leaving your package outside for several hours after it arrives can degrade the quality of your caviar. Take note of the delivery date of your caviar, and plan your schedule accordingly. For the freshest caviar, you should make sure you're available to pick up your package and put your caviar in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

3. Serve caviar with your favorite snacks

There's nothing wrong with enjoying your caviar straight out of the jar. However, some people find the taste of pure caviar to be overwhelmingly rich. Enjoying Russian Osetra caviar with your favorite accompaniments can be a good solution to this dilemma. Russian Osetra caviar has a distinctive nutty flavor that pairs well with bread and cheese. Try creating a snack platter to showcase your Osetra caviar. Water crackers, blinis, figs, and grapes can all make great additions to a caviar platter.