Key Tips For Using Pine Pollen Tincture

Pine pollen tincture is often used by men as a way of supplementing testosterone. It's a more natural choice than testosterone supplements from the pharmacy, and it is also a good source of other supportive vitamins and minerals. However, you do need to use pine pollen tincture properly in order to fully enjoy its benefits. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Do an allergy test first.

A very few people are allergic to pine pollen, and these people should not take pine pollen tinctures. So, before you ingest a full dose of the product, try taking just one drop. Wait and hour or two to make sure you don't experience any allergy symptoms like an itchy tongue or coughing. If you feel fine, then you're good to go.

Start with the lowest recommended dose.

Your pine pollen tincture will generally come with dosing instructions on the package. The amount the package tells you to take will depend on the strength of the tincture, but generally, there will be a range. You should always start by taking the smallest dose in that range. For instance, if the package says to take 6 - 12 drops, start by taking 6. This helps ensure you don't take more than you need. It also gives your body time to slowly adapt to the supplement so you're less likely to experience side effects. If after a few days you don't feel like you're taking quite enough, then you can slowly increase your dose a drop at a time.

Take it at the same time each day.

Most men find that taking pine pollen tincture twice a day works well. Some people do like to take it three times a day. But regardless of how often you take it, make sure you do so at roughly the same time each day. This teaches your body to expect an increase in testosterone at certain times, allowing it to adjust its own natural hormone levels accordingly. If you ever miss a dose of your pine pollen tincture, take it as soon as you remember. Don't double up the next dose; this could lead to side effects like moodiness and acne, since you'll be getting so much testosterone at once.

Pine pollen tincture is a helpful choice for men who want a little natural testosterone support. Follow the tips above, and you should get good results.