Creative Ways To Use Coffee-Infused Maple Syrup At A Brunch Event

If you're holding any type of brunch event and are looking for a way to add a creative touch to the menu, consider working coffee-infused maple syrup into it. You can use it in a variety of unexpected ways that are sure to delight guests of all ages. 

This gourmet syrup infuses the sweet maple flavor with bold coffee to create a one-of-a-kind flavor. Coffee lovers will delight in the syrup, as will anyone who loves a more adventurous brunch menu. Even though maple syrup has a distinctive taste, it's versatile enough to incorporate into several different types of drinks and dishes.

You can use coffee-infused maple syrup at any type of brunch event, both fancy and casual, including baby and bridal showers, graduation and anniversary soirees, family and corporate holiday get-togethers, and birthday celebrations. Brunch events typically take place on weekends but are appropriate for special occasions during the week as well. 

Following are some creative ways you can use coffee-infused maple syrup at your next brunch event:

1. Build-Your-Own Pancake and Waffle Bar 

A build-your-own pancake and waffle bar is the perfect way to allow guests to fix their plates exactly the way they want them. Not only will they get hands-on with their meal, but they'll also have the chance to mix and mingle with other guests as they work their way down the buffet tables. 

Include bowls of waffle and pancake mixes, and set up griddles at the end of each table so that attendees can make their own. As an alternative option, make the waffles and pancakes ahead of time and keep them in warming trays. Guests can also drizzle the coffee-flavored syrup on side dishes like breakfast sausage and bacon. 

Provide a variety of conventional and creative toppings and mix-ins, including fresh berries, sliced bananas, whipped cream, butter, chocolate chips, nuts such as pecans and walnuts, and regular and coffee-infused maple syrups. As a fun idea, you can send guests home with small bottles of the coffee-flavored syrup as party favors.

2. Inventive Drinks 

Surprise your brunch guests with coffee-infused maple syrup drinks. Set up a coffee bar, and have event attendees choose between plain brew, lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, and any other type of drink you'd like.

Set up a selection of milks, such as almond, soy, whole, and cream, as well as a variety of flavored syrups. Guests can also have the choice of sweetening their beverage with the coffee-infused maple syrup as a surprising flavor twist. As an alternative option, drizzle the syrup into brunch cocktails as well. 

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