Taking Your Salsa Fundraiser To The Next Level

Selling salsa is a great fundraising idea. Most people like salsa, it keeps well, and there are plenty of varieties that you can sell. However, lots of community organizations, schools, and other groups have held salsa fundraisers, so the idea is not exactly unique. If you're willing to get creative and set your salsa fundraiser apart, you'll probably attract more buyers. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Sell chips, too 

Selling salsa is a good start, but it's hard to enjoy salsa without chips. If you also sell chips, then buyers can pick up a complete snack from you. This makes it possible for them to buy from you on their way to a party or gathering. Some companies that supply salsa for fundraisers may also supply chips. If they do not, look for a local chip company and see if they're willing to supply you with chips you can resell to raise funds.

Offer samples 

When you order the salsa for your group members to sell, order a couple of extra jars for each seller. Give them these jars and tell them to use them for sampling. They can set up an open jar and some chips on their table when they sell salsa. Passersby can taste the salsa and decide if they like it before purchasing a jar or two. This may help attract more buyers, and it's also just a nice gesture that reflects well on your organization.

Have a salsa party 

Selling salsa, alone, may not raise as much money as your group needs. Consider pairing the salsa sales with an event where you serve salsa and chips, other Mexican-American dishes, and perhaps even some margaritas. You can put festive music on, get people dancing, and even give some awards for best-dressed. Offer the salsa for sale at the party. When people are all excited and in party mode, they're more likely to buy salsa.

Sell salsa "packages" 

Rather than just selling individual jars of salsa, make up some "packages" of multiple jars. You could have a heat-lovers package with three different spicy salsas. You could also have a fruit salsa package with three different fruit salsas. Sometimes, these themes will interest more buyers or get them to buy three jars of salsa, not one.

With the ideas above, you can take your salsa fundraiser to the next level. Before long, you'll earn plenty of money for your group.