3 Ways To Eat Jam With Dessert

When you think about eating jam, you might think about spreading it on a piece of hot buttered toast. However, even though jam can be quite delicious on toast in the morning, it can be great at other times of the day. For example, you can even try eating jam with all of your favorite desserts! These are a few ideas to try if you'd like to enjoy jam with your favorite sweet treats.

How To Cook Pork Bacon

Do you love eating pork bacon but don't have the skills to cook it properly? Bacon is actually a simple and easy food to cook. You can cook it in several ways depending on the amount of work that you want to put into the task. Below, you will gain more insight about cooking bacon so you can start enjoying it without someone else having to do the work. Allow the Oven to Do the Work

Two Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolate That Is Sweetened With Stevia

If you love sweets, chocolate is likely high on your list of favorites.  Whether it's dark, milk or white chocolate, you may get a thrill each time you get to place a piece of this decadence in your mouth.  However, you may also feel a bit guilty if you're on a diet or have health restrictions that restrict your use of sugar.  But you don't have to feel guilty about enjoying one of life's great pleasures: start consuming chocolate that is sweetened with Stevia.

Four Ways Eating A Carbohydrate-Heavy Breakfast Can Sabotage Your Day

When you think about traditional breakfast foods, you probably imagine staples like oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, waffles, toast and muffins. You may not, however, realize the negative impact these carbohydrate-heavy foods can have on your day. Although carbohydrates are a necessary part of any diet, many fitness enthusiasts are finding more protein-infused breakfast alternatives, such as protein pancakes, to fuel them throughout the day. These are four reasons why you may want to rethink your usual carb-heavy breakfast.

4 Must-Try High Tea Ideas

Whether it's a presentation of the food you present with high tea, the food itself, or even a theme that you can use in tandem with the notion of high tea, there are plenty of ideas that can make your high tea time interesting. Here are a few ideas that can make your high tea time all the more interesting. Serving Cheese Cheese and tea pairings are not incredibly common, with most people opting to go the more traditional route of wine and cheese, but this is nevertheless an interesting way to mix up your high tea presentation.